Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Sweet Swingers

Hello all
here is something different from teddies

I found this cute pattern online for these sweet budgies
called sweet swingers.

They were pretty easy to make and I did learn something new :)
and that was the mattress stitch!
I'd never heard of it in knitting before but what a great stitch it is

when it comes to sewing up your seams, this is the stitch to use,
it's invisible and leaves no bulk in your work.

it's made by taking a stitch from each side of your work and going from side to side till you have reached the top ( or bottom) depending on which end you start.
make sure you leave a long tail of yarn when you start, when you get to the top you pull both ends and it closes the seam... Magic :)

I also bought these needles for sewing up seams

they are much better than using a tapestry needle because they have totally blunt and rounded ends so you can't snag your work and the ends are turned upwards so its easy to pick up your stitches :)

I made the swing out of a cheap embroidery hoop just covered in pretty yarn
the birds are stitched on by feet and body so cant fall off, the flowers and leaves are knitted scraps of wool.

Happy crafting


  1. Dear Summer, your budgies have become great. I 've also knitted a while animals of each species and therefore knows how much joy does this . Wish you a nice week
    Greetings Sandra

  2. Oh aren't they adorable! You have knitted them so well and they make me smile!
    Have fun creating!

  3. Hiya dearest Summer hope I find you well:))) , and straight away one is drawn unto these beautiful Loving budgerigars , and what a beautiful pair they are , one finds every aspect of this creation to be so delightful to the sublime , from there pretty pink hoop perch encrusted with the most divine floral display of spring flowers ,budding forth amidst tiny feet and feather :))))) so love the scene set ..to the gorgeous loving couple themselves even to the female being slightly smaller ,but of all aspects of the birds , one finds the detailing of the wings which cross with such lovingly curled tips laid upon back , and the detailing to back of head the most striking in detail , one is enthralled by the ingenious mattress stitch and its unique invisible binding method akin to the drawing of show laces .amazing absolutely amazing :))))there overall cumulative effect is one of a crystalised purity of beauty to be found in all life , and or in its simulation :)))) Dearest Summer how you have captured this loving pair so perfectly , even to the slight leaning in of the female as she seeks a strong shoulder to lay her head upon :)))) enchanting absolutely enchanting .Such creations so reach out to the heart and in their innocence place a kiss upon it ..Beautiful so beautiful :))))..one would be inclined to allow this creation to occupy a free turning position that the backs of the birds be seen as much as there front , for both are of their own particular striking beauty :))))) . Dearest Summer as ALWAYS my most sincere respects to you . Ban :)))))))))

  4. These budgies are fantastic and I love the garland you've made for them to perch on :)

  5. Your budgies look wonderful, Summer. They look so pretty sitting on the pretty hoop. Isn't the mattress stitch great for invisibly sewing up the seams. Your sweet budgies make me smile!

  6. The birds are so adorable. YOu did a great job.

  7. so so cute, love budgies ♥

  8. Oh my gosh the Budgies are so cute, thank- for sharing with us.


  9. Oh my!! How sweet is that!! ♥ Gorgeous, really great job :-). Have a nice weekend! Nata xxx

  10. Hi dear summer
    I so love your work here
    See you in a month ...I am on a break


  11. Summer, this is so precious! WOW! I love! Thanks for putting a smile in my heart ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

  12. Thank You for visting my little blog,Summer. You are very talented needleworker and your budgies are super cute !! Well done!


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