Friday, 17 January 2014

A Cosy Evening By The Fire

These two have had a busy day chasing mice all day and are all burned out
I bought this beautiful kit yesterday and it is called all burned out,
its not cross stitch or latch hook but tapestry lol yet another craft to learn hahaha
OMG I have to stop looking and shopping on the web but this was the last one and discontinued so I just had to have it.. don't you think I was right to buy it... you know I was right haha
Oh and I saw this while I was there

Cute or what haha some how she found her way into my shopping basket
happy stitching :)


  1. But, Summer, how could you refuse these darling fur babies :) I couldn't!!!


  2. Hahahahaha..Hi dearest Summer , '' all burned out '' yes and I know this tiny enchanting lady who will be joining them if she does not apply restraint hahahaha .so its winter cat Monday , latch hook Tuesday Bruisers rug :))) . Afghan blanket Wednesday , burned out in Tapestry Thursday ,and neddle point pussy cat Friday ..:))))) ..leaving Saturday and Sunday free for hill skating one presumes hahahaha...what can one say dear lady but ..there cats how could you possibly say no ..as my dear departed mother would say ( God rest her soul ) Eee lass ya like a woman possessed.:)) hahahaha. but with a beautiful soul and heart ..may your God bless and be with you always dear Summer , as always dear lady my most sincere respects , yours Mac Tire :)))))


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