Thursday, 23 January 2014

Tapestry V cross stitch

tapestry v cross stitch
Tapestry V cross stitch

This week I've been learning Tapestry and the difference between Tapestry and cross stitch,
although Tapestry looks like cross stitch with only half a stitch being made they are very different.

Half cross stitch front

Half cross stitch back

There are two main stitches used in Tapestry, The Continental stitch and the basket weave stitch, both of which I learnt this week and WHY you need to use them rather than just a basic half cross stitch.

The two stitches

Although ALL the stitches look the same from the front of the work its the back of the work that is just as important.

the difference on back of work

The Continental stitch gives a thickness to your work because it uses more yarn so giving wear and durability to your beautiful creations as does the basket weave stitch but this stitch can be used over a bigger area for fast stitching.

as Tapestry tends to wear from the back of your work first the half cross stitch should never be used in Tapestry.

Here's how they are done.

Basket Weave

Basket Weave Stitching


Continental Stitching

Happy Stitching :)


  1. Hi dear Summer , wooooooow , another project and your well on the way :))))) ...its interesting to see the variables of stitch , one visualizes , the basket stitch giving depth as in the depth of texture , where the continental stitch to give a density in an area , one can also visualize the finished tapestry as being a lot more heavier than a cross stitch project of the same size ..I know the earliest tapestry was spoke of in 1467, the first wrote of in 1476 at the bayux cathedral , the word tapestry comes from the old french '' Tepisserie ''which means '' to cover , or carpet '' and in turn from the '' tapis '' which means '' heavy fabric ''..the main stay of the tapestry was that they be used as a portable decor that could be just rolled up , as to act as screening , for privacy and from drafts within the looming castles and chapels ..this textile art once created on vertical , and floor looms comprised of two sets of interlacing threads , those running in the parallel to the lenth of the tapestry from its top to bottom being called '' warp '' those running the parallel of width ( side to side ) being called the weft ..the warp were set up under tension on the loom . the weft thread being passed back and forth ( as it interlaced the warp ) across in part or in whole over all or in part of the warps ..a tapestry is weft faced when all warps are hidden ..this is seen as a complete work..as opposed to just some of the warps being covered .. .In your project the basket stitch appears to operate on the warp diagonal..in the up or down ...the continental stitch in the waft ..OR in the warp in the diagonal ..and in doing so incorporate all the actions of that exhibited apon the loom its self ...amazing , just so amazing , for it will be the depth of backing of stitch or its absence that shall create the dimension of the faced tapestry ..which is in its own right just so ingenious ..and induces such an amazingly beautiful frontal finish ..your project will cover all warps therefore will be a weft faced tapestry dearest Summer , its such a joy to see this age'ed craft being exhibited here at your beautiful Stitching Corner dear Summer ...as already we see this latest venture come beautifully to life ..I thank you for sharing your art dear lady , and as always remain respectfully yours Ban :)))))))

  2. THanks summer , for showing all the differnt Tapestry Stitches . Love your header, hugs.

  3. Thank you these are the sort of question id like to ask but feel to ashamed. One day I will try my hand ,I have so many things to learn


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