Sunday, 19 January 2014

Baby Chipmunk Start

Hi All :)

Well last week was baby chipmunk week and this is the progress so far,
he's going to be a cutie :)
I'm glad I had a break from the Afghan and did some latch hook as this is another BROWN baby so soon after the squirrel which was also BROWN!

Next week it's back to my winter cat project for one week.
I SO want to get that one done..especially now because I need the frame for my Tapestry cats

happy stitching :)


  1. Hi dear Summer , my you have come on with this bonnie baby , what a absolute sweetie , and you only need to look into that beautiful big eye to know he/she's one tiny hand full :)))) hahahaha ..beautiful just so beautiful .The Afgan blanket is truly going to be a treasured gift , and one envisages a favorite with any child , it in it's self being a cumulative presentation of infant life and all the energies it withholds ..I so thank you for sharing this cheeky creature with us , dear Summer , and truly look forward to seeing he/she in completion ..I as always dear Summer , remain yours respectfully , Ban :))))))

  2. Your baby chipmunk is so beautiful .I love the shading.

  3. Didn't I warn you about the browns? So much brown. Too much brown!
    I guess that's the price you pay for stitching woodland babies.

    The afghan is coming along beautifully!


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