Saturday, 4 January 2014

The Mice Will play...

Hi All :)
Today my Latch Hook kit turned up :) its a Rug with cats and mice on and looks fun to make.
This will be my second Latch Hook project.
my first, the cushion I got really addicted too and finished within a week

but this time I intend to do one week of this, one week of my winter cat and one week of my baby Afghan, so I will have a variety of things to do :) variety is the spice of life haha
so my winter cat may not be finished in February, it may be march but who cares as long as I'm enjoying what I'm doing :)

happy stitching :)


  1. Variety is perfect and I also love to rug hook and cross stitch...it just feels good to have busy hands :)
    Your rug hook is darling and your cross stitch is so sweet and adorable :)

    Warm Hugs

  2. It will be wonderful, I love cats.
    Happy New year


  3. Hi dear Summer ;))) , a week winter cat , a week baby Afghan , and a week latch hook rug .:))) mmmmmmmm we'll see hahaha ..my money is on the latch hook rug :))))))...because your cat so WILL love it hahaha ..variety may be the spice of life , but I know who's big beautiful eye's look into yours every morning , at the feeding station , hahahaha ..odds on the BIG Bruiser puddie cat's sleeping on his new rug by the end of the month :))))))...You must of cause follow your heart ...as always dear Summer my greatest respects Mac Tire :))))


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